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Following our passion, we offer you the possibility to discover our unique range of candies distributed under:

"VIALA chocolats fins"

We are committed to select only natural ingredients, spices or flavors. Please savor our range of chocolate candies, fruits paste, marshmallows, macaroons in full confidence.

Chocolate candies are emphasized in luxury boxes with all our 16 chocolate flavors selection, an ideal gift for your lover or as a corporate gift.

We are using couverture with pure cocoa butter to let you share the Virtues of Chocolate. Being naturally rich in vitamins and minerals, chocolate is the perfect antidote to daily tiredness and is a known aphrodisiac !

Before a treat of chocolate, please follow our gourmet advice: Chocolate should be kept in a dry place, out of sunlight, at an optimum temperature of 10-18°C. It provides an ideal accompaniment to sweet wines, Champagne, fine spirits, coffee or tea.

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